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Bringing Entertainment and Education Together...

Hyperfex is a production network that merges education with entertainment through the medium of film and video. Our mission is to give a resounding voice to issues related to our commonwealth by encouraging people from all walks of life to take an active role in shaping our entertainment, broadening the access to that entertainment, and as well positioning that which is truthful and candid to the fore of mainstream.

A foundational component of Hyperfex relies upon its ability to reach beyond the borders of the most traditional of filmmaking venues in pursuit of media investors; a diverse coalition of business, educational and community support brought together to cultivate greater responsibility, transparency, accountability and ethical balance in our media entertainment industry, to bridge chasms that divide many perspectives, and to remove barriers fundamental in resolving problems mired in visual media obscurity

In many respects Hyperfex was created to change the dynamics of entertainment wherever it existed; cable, theater, and the vitally dominant World Wide Web. The power the visual media owns is astounding; information bombarding our senses 24/7. At this pace it's no wonder why we question the lack of ethics, fairness and responsibility in media.

The web has expanded viewership exponentially and Hyperfex endeavors to take advantage of the open ended process of web access, to give a much needed megaphone to what I call the voiceless; people with growing concerns about the state of our nation - class, poverty, healthcare, foreign policy, sexual and body identity, the environment, race - all issues mired in some form of obscurity. Hyperfex gives people a way to gain access to entertainment rooted in informing as a source.

The Hyperfex Story

I started Hyperfex because I was yearning for an essential truth and honesty missing in both news and mainstream entertainment. The lack of real informative entertainment, and a decreasing amount of transparency and accountability in our media caused great consternation in me.

In dissecting the media I consumed across all platforms, I wondered how much responsibility, if any, was placed on bringing the issues most Americans actually care about to life. Was I learning as much as I wanted or needed to about the characters in a given story? Were the newscasts I viewed really giving me unbiased facts or were they spinning the information to make it more dramatic? It was a mixed bag but my assessment leaned heavily in one direction.
I wasn't going to receive the truth by simply asking for it. In fact, it is a news organization's legal right to take their viewers down any path they choose; true or not, fact or fiction. As many of them see it, spin and slant are simply more profitable than cold hard facts. Accuracy and accountability can take a back seat if your product is still selling. The end result has been the day-by-day loss of relevance of traditional news; forcing a large contingency of their viewers to migrate to the blogosphere to fact check overly dramatic developments.

On the entertainment front, I found it exasperating to see that creativity had come down to igniting the same themes over and over again and hoping for a better result; all because a statistician decided that for better or worse, people wanted to see what they were familiar with. Repeatedly viewing retreads of the same underdeveloped, over-hyped story lines would cause anyone to search for the alternative: to search for something truly original. When that happens often enough, the alternative becomes the mainstream.
This is where the ideals of Hyperfex take root. With assistance from the business and private sectors, Hyperfex will create a media brand that values ethical balance and emphasizes equally merging entertainment and education. Hyperfex will be an on-line portal that functions much like a cable network. We will take issues such as crime, race, and class and put them into categorized channels. An extensive portfolio of films will be produced to fit each criterion, giving our viewers an abundance of informative responsible entertainment.

Once our on-line entertainment division is up and running Hyperfex will springboard into the motion picture arena with both big ticket and independent theatrical releases. With your support, Hyperfex will accomplish these tasks and much more; leading the way to an unparalleled form of entertainment, one that crosses all platforms to create honest, thoughtful and unencumbered entertainment for generations of viewers the world over.
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